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WinConnect - Jaringan Murah

Item Name WinConnect (Pengiritan dalam hal Licensi)
Price Rp 100,000
Description Pemanfaatan Komputer lama yang akan memiliki kecepatan yang sama dengan komputer baru. Hanya dengan 1 licensi windows XP bisa utk 10-20 user, client cukup Pentium 1, kecepatan client setara server.

WinConnect is a software solution that enables Linux-based terminals to connect to WinConnect Server XP, Windows® 2003 Server, Windows® 2000 Server, Windows® NT 4 Terminal Server or Windows XP Professional via Remote Display Protocol (RDP). Because most of the processing is done on the Windows servers, users can display the latest Windows® applications on computers that normally would not be powerful enough, making use of a 486 or an old Pentium computer. The connection can be over a local area network (LAN) or over the Internet.
Available Stock  20
Misc  -

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